When your company’s team is functioning like a well-oiled machine, as the Leader, you become free to pursue whatever freedom means to you: Freedom to work on new growth initiatives, freedom to spend more time pursuing personal interests, freedom to pursue a lifelong passion, or simply to do what you want when you want. That is why we work with leaders like you and your teams to help your companies, grow, scale and create a culture of action and accountability, so you can achieve whatever freedom means to you!

Work with LexaGen Freedom Accelerator to Master the Four Keys to Unlocking Freedom:


Attract and keep the right people to drive your company towards achieving your goals

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Create a truly differentiated strategy that will drive sustainable growth

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Get your whole company aligned and working efficiently with flawless execution of your initiatives

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Cash Flow

Identify and maintain consistent sources of cash to fuel your company’s growth

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About Us

"Having achieved the freedom to pursue my passion in business, I enjoy helping others accomplish their business goals,
so they can achieve whatever they consider freedom, too!" - Cheryl Biron, Founder and Principal.

As Founder and Principal of LexaGen Freedom Accelerator, Cheryl Biron works with CEOs and their leadership teams to help their companies grow, scale and create a culture of action and accountability. Having scaled One Horn Transportation so it needs less of her time on a day-to-day basis, Cheryl is pursuing her passion of working with leaders of growth companies to achieve whatever they consider “freedom” by helping them create leading strategies and flawless execution within their organizations. In addition to her personal experience as an entrepreneur, Cheryl leverages her previous experience working in large corporations and her Wharton MBA. As a Scaling Up and a 3HAG Certified Coach, she has access to the best business tools and resources available worldwide. Cheryl has a passion for entrepreneurship and helping others, so as coach, she has found a role where she is excited to go to work, finding it very rewarding to make a difference in others’ businesses and lives.

Cheryl Biron – Gazelles International Certified Coach”

Our Freedom Packages


Quarterly in-person facilitated sessions with your CEO and leadership team to establish strategy and plan for flawless execution, supported by monthly check-in calls.

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Monthly in-person facilitated sessions with your CEO and leadership team to establish strategy, ensure flawless execution and more closely monitor progress and accountability.

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LexaGen also offers programs tailored to your individual needs, like facilitated planning sessions for middle managers, retreats, off-sites, one-on-one leadership coaching, and keynote or breakout speaking sessions.

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Trusted by

  • Cheryl’s work has played a vital role in the growth of our company.  Working with Cheryl has provided my team with a tangible, strategic plan that moves us forward.  We can create goals that take us to the next level and keep all our team members accountable.  Not only is our team more accountable, but they also are excited to track and make progress.  The results have been amazing!

    Tiffany Bailey -
    President, Bayside Sod

  • I am writing this to say thanks again for everything Cheryl did coaching our Leadership Team. I do not think we ever would have made the progress we did on the Core Purpose and Core Values without her coaching skills, and we are really seeing positive results in our company’s culture because of that work! Also, I wanted to thank Cheryl for introducing and training us on Metronome Growth Systems. We are using it daily, and it has provided a solid structure for our huddle cadence and increased accountability.  I would recommend connecting with her to lead you though a scaling up journey of your own!

    JohnHenry Ruggieri -
    President, Sundnce

  • Since working with Cheryl, our leadership team has become much more aligned, and we have been achieving our business growth objectives. With many senior leadership team members coming form two different companies, we had been challenged with alignment at the start of our coaching engagement. Our improved alignment and accountability have enabled us to work together more effectively and successfully achieve our corporate goals. Cheryl has also helped our team focus on a smaller number of the right things to execute our strategy more efficiently and effectively. In addition, our associates have a clearer line-of-sight to how their individual roles contribute to our corporate goals, which has improved employee engagement in our multi-generational workforce. Communication and collaboration across departments have also increased. Our coaching relationship with Cheryl has been a very valuable asset to our fast-growing company.

    Anthony Hitt -
    President and CEO, Engel & Völkers Americas

  • Cheryl helped our company's leadership team get strategically aligned so we could "find our freedom". She put us on a sure footing so that I, the CEO, could move with my family to Vietnam to double our production capacity. The leadership team, and company as a whole, never missed a beat with this big change. I would definitely recommend Cheryl if you are a CEO who wants to build an amazing leadership team, find alignment, so you can find your "freedom".

    Dan Ryan -
    CEO, Beachwood Custom

  • We decided to seek out a Gazelles coach to help us best adapt to Scaling Up practices. After our first call with Cheryl, we knew she would be a good fit for our company. We have tried other coaches and were not able to successfully sustain a long-term relationship. Cheryl is flexible and easily adapted to our unique business. Due to her open coaching style, we were able to establish a foundation of trust. She has held our team accountable to ROCKS and priorities. It was nice to have that support while growing our leadership team. Some cash tools were introduced to us by Cheryl and they have helped us pull out information from the numbers we were not able to see alone. We have launched a couple new businesses, and Cheryl’s help with the strategic planning was exactly what we needed to keep on the path to success. She has been a very supportive coach and yet not overbearing. We recommend Cheryl to any company that’s ready to take the Scaling Up leap!

    Steve Fair, Jon Fair, Tiffany Slater -
    Fair Salvage

  • My team and I worked with Cheryl on the 3HAG training last week. It was amazing going through the process with her. The exercises she presented to us really made us consider what our goals are in the long term and short term, what differentiating factors are most important to our business, and how we can improve on those items. It then became very clear what we need to work on to achieve our goals, and it was energizing for us to know where we are going and have the tools to get there. Cheryl was very insightful in the understanding of our complex business in a seemingly straightforward industry, and she helped us focus on the things that are most important.

    Jennifer Bingham -
    Owner, Cru Cellars

  • Cheryl is an incredible executive coach and has helped me to lead my company to new levels. Cheryl was able to listen to our needs and adapt the Scaling Up Coaching tenants to address my company’s specific needs. By analyzing the four critical business decision areas of people, strategy, execution, and cash we were able to proactively focus on the future growth of the company. Beyond her technical skills, however, Cheryl’s own experience as an executive in an existing business allowed her to relate to my executive team and me in a way that created a more dynamic and cooperative environment. Cheryl’s amicable and engaging personality led to an experience that left everyone on my team more energized to achieve the goals necessary to continue growing and adapting within an ever-changing financial services industry.

    Susan Michel -
    CEO, Glen Eagle Advisors

  •   Attended the one day Scaling Up Workshop with Cheryl - and it was terrific. You see the tools in action and the time away to focus on my business strategy and core values, as well as seeing the value in furthering your infrastructure as we get set to double in top line revenue. The real plus was being with the variety of business owners all facing similar challenges and sharing their best practices. I am a big believer of “one page” approaches and simple, easy to apply methodologies – Cheryl and the team make everything easy to digest and are clearly in  your corner to ensure your business scales and succeeds.  

    Michelle Tenzyk -
    President, East Tenth Group

  • Cheryl led Ideas To Go's Board through a full day strategic review utilizing her considerable skills and the Scaling Up process her firm utilizes. By the end of the day we had made two significant strategic decisions, one implemented within weeks of the session. Cheryl took us through a focused and efficient review of our current strategies and organizational resources, challenging us to reach clarity and make strategic choices where we were not, helping us to identify two key actions and leaving us with refined strategic and organizational plans that are sharp, dynamic and current. She's a winner.

    Edward S. Harrington -
    CEO and Principal, Ideas To Go, Inc.

  • Cheryl recently led a strategy and execution session for our board. She is thoughtful and thorough in her approach, drawing from her experiences growing her own company. The concepts and tools from Scaling Up that Cheryl included were relevant to our business challenges. She listened for issues and opportunities and challenged us to have the conversations needed so that we would take action. We all came away with specific actions and a better understanding of the levers we could pull to move our business forward. It was a valuable session and a great use of our collective time.

    Beth Storz -
    President, Principal, and Creative Process Consultant, Ideas to Go, Inc.

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