We decided to seek out a Gazelle coach to help us best adapt to Scaling Up practices. After talking with Cheryl on our first call we knew she would be a good fit to our company. She had a great network in the Gazelle community and her transport business background fit with us. We have tried other coaches in the past and were not able to successfully sustain a long-term relationship. Cheryl was flexible and easily adapted to our unique business. Her coaching style was open and with that we were able to establish a foundation of trust. During our coaching sessions, Cheryl is always seeking ways to help us keep our core values alive. She has held our team accountable to ROCKS and priorities. It was nice to have that support while growing our leadership team. Some cash tools (such as Crabtree) were introduced to us by Cheryl and they have helped us pull out information from the numbers we were not able to see alone. We have launched a couple new businesses and Cheryl’s help with the strategic planning was exactly what we needed to keep on the path to success. She had been a great help in supporting a young manager on our leadership team with integrating the Top Grading mythology to our company. She has been a very supportive coach and yet not overbearing. We would recommend Cheryl to any company that is ready to take the Scaling Up leap!
Cheryl is an incredible executive coach and has helped me to lead my company to new levels. Cheryl was able to listen to our needs and adapt the Gazelles International Coaching tenants to address my company’s specific needs. By analyzing the four critical business decision areas of people, strategy, execution, and cash we were able to proactively focus on the future growth of the company. Beyond her technical skills, however, Cheryl’s own experience as an executive in an existing business allowed her to relate to my executive team and me in a way that created a more dynamic and cooperative environment. Cheryl’s amicable and engaging personality led to an experience that left everyone on my team more energized to achieve the goals necessary to continue growing and adapting within an ever-changing financial services industry.
Attended the one day Scaling Up Workshop with Cheryl - and it was terrific. You see the tools in action and the time away to focus on my business strategy and core values, as well as seeing the value in furthering your infrastructure as we get set to double in top line revenue. The real plus was being with the variety of business owners all facing similar challenges and sharing their best practices. I am a big believer of “one page” approaches and simple, easy to apply methodologies – Cheryl and the team make everything easy to digest and are clearly in  your corner to ensure your business scales and succeeds.  
Cheryl led Ideas To Go's Board through a full day strategic review utilizing her considerable skills and the Four Decisions process her firm utilizes. By the end of the day we had made two significant strategic decisions, one implemented within weeks of the session. Cheryl took us through a focused and efficient review of our current strategies and organizational resources, challenging us to reach clarity and make strategic choices where we were not, helping us to identify two key actions and leaving us with refined strategic and organizational plans that are sharp, dynamic and current. She's a winner.
Cheryl recently led a strategy and execution session for our board. She is thoughtful and thorough in her approach, drawing from her experiences growing her own company. The concepts and tools from Gazelles that Cheryl included were relevant to our business challenges. She listened for issues and opportunities and challenged us to have the conversations needed so that we would take action. We all came away with specific actions and a better understanding of the levers we could pull to move our business forward. It was a valuable session and a great use of our collective time.