Steve Fair, Jon Fair, Tiffany Slater

We decided to seek out a Scaling Up Coach to help us best adapt to Scaling Up practices. After our first call with Cheryl, we knew she would be a good fit for our company. We have tried other coaches and were not able to successfully sustain a long-term relationship. Cheryl is flexible and easily adapted to our unique business. Due to her open coaching style, we were able to establish a foundation of trust. She has held our team accountable to ROCKS and priorities. It was nice to have that support while growing our leadership team. Some cash tools were introduced to us by Cheryl and they have helped us pull out information from the numbers we were not able to see alone. We have launched a couple new businesses, and Cheryl’s help with the strategic planning was exactly what we needed to keep on the path to success. She has been a very supportive coach and yet not overbearing. We recommend Cheryl to any company that’s ready to take the Scaling Up leap!