Brian Haug

I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl for two years as a client. Cheryl has consistently helped with our “Scaling Up” process as we rapidly transform from a mid-sized entrepreneurial organization to a larger corporation that requires more systematic processes and protocols to run more efficiently and effectively. Cheryl has done a wonderful job helping build alignment between our business units as well as to our overall corporate objectives while allowing us to maintain our entrepreneurial spirit. Cheryl’s willingness to gain a better understanding of our business as well as the challenges and opportunities we face allows for more meaningful discussions to help drive revenue while improving employee morale through better alignment. She is very thorough and conducts wonderful workshops that have clear objectives and deliverables to help identify gaps in our business process. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who is looking to improve employee morale, establish alignment within their organization, and create better efficiencies to drive profitability.