David Ryan

Xpertek had started self-implementing the Scaling Up methodology for 6 months and was hitting some road bumps in the implementation of the systems and mostly the alignment of the leadership team. We were expecting to double our revenue within three years.  What followed was a one-year growth of 2.7x that we would not have been able to harness Cheryl’s help. In preparation for that growth, Cheryl was able in a calm and straight demeanor to let everybody around the table have a voice in the direction of the business.  It created an alignment behind the rocks and priorities to focus and prepare to harness that growth. As I look back to our sustained growth and strong solid foundation, it dawns on me that Cheryl didn’t impose all of the concepts right away but focused on the ones we could implement that would have an impact. We trusted the process and understood we were building a foundation and not a house of cards. I would recommend Cheryl as a coach, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.